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Trimble Extended Warranty FAQ

What if I didn't get the computer returned before the warranty period expires?

The repair will be covered under warranty If the RMA was generated when the extended warranty was still in effect. Extended Warranty coverage is dependent upon the date the damaged computer was brought to the attention of Cardinal Tracking, not the date the damage was sustained.

Can I purchase an extension to my Extended Warranty?

Not at this time, The Extended Warranty must be purchased within the first year of ownership.

Is there a grace period if I buy an outdoor computer today and tomorrow I decide I want to buy a Trimble Extended Warranty?

Yes. You can purchase an Extended Warranty at any time during your first year of Ownership. The moment your one-year standard warranty is upgraded to include accidental damage coverage.

What does accidental coverage mean?

Any damage incurred without intent to harm. Cardinal Tracking is an Approved Service provider and is able to identify failures that fall outside traditional failure modes associated with the outdoor environment. Questionable failures will result in an investigation that could result in the denial of coverage.

What if I buy this coverage and Trimble stops manufacturing the rugged computer model that I own?

If Cardinal cannot repair or replace your current computer, you will get an equivalent or better computer!

What if my computer still doesn’t work after it has been repaired?

The Extended Warranty will cover repairs throughout the duration of the Extended Warranty coverage. All of our repair and replacement services come with a 90-dat Warranty which includes shipping costs and expedited turnaround time. The 90-day Warranty benefits Extended Warranty purchasers in the event the Extended Warranty coverage period expires less than 90-days after the computer was at Cardinal for repair services covered under the Extended Warranty.

What if I plug the vent hole or misuse a bracket causing damage?

If Trimble MSC has published a Support Note warning about specifically prohibited actions, then the damage is not covered. Where are the support notes published? Current information of all products can be found at www.trimble/rugged. Click on your product then click on the support tab. Support Notes are one of the links under the support tab.

What if I live outside the US?

Sorry, but coverage for the Extended Warranty Program is availble to purchasers located in North America only.

What are the exclusions that are not covered by the Extended Warranty?
The Trimble Extended Warranty does not apply to defects resulting from:

  1. Improper or inadequate maintenance by the owner of the product. (Such as failure to use a screen protector)
  2. Software* or interfacing not supplied by Trimble (*if the software is determined to have caused the failure)
  3. Unauthorized modification or misuse
  4. Operation outside of environmental specifications of the product.
  5. Improper installation, where applicable
  6. Fresh or salt water immersion or spray (outside of the product specifications)
  7. Normal wear and tear on consumable parts (for example and without limitation, batteries)

What are consumable parts?

Anything that does not come attached to the core unit. Examples: caps, straps, batteries, screen protectors, stylus, tether etc. Consumable parts are covered by a 90 day warranty. Please note: it is the purchaser’s responsibility to maintain the cap in good operable condition so as to maintain the computers IP67 rating against dust and water incursion.

Where can I purchase consumable parts?

Cardinal offers an online store for quick easy ordering Trimble consumable accessories including straps, batteries, screen protectors, stylus, tethers etc.

Where can I find product specifications for the product I wish to protect with the Trimble MSC Extended Warranty Program?

All Trimble rugged outdoor computing products, including Nomad, Recon and Ranger handhelds and the Yuma rugged tablet are IP67 and MIL-STD 810F certified. For information on the specific procedures, review the datasheet for the desired product. Data sheets can be found in the product pages at

Trimble extended warranty

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Trimble extended warranty

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